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Pixel perfect content made easy.

Ever since the introduction of the iPhone 4 our screens have been demanding higher resolution images. Now that the new iPad and MacBook Pro have Retina displays it's time to upgrade your site to meet their demands.

Retinamatic is the world's easiest way to upgrade your WordPress content for retina displays. Once installed, your site will create Retina versions of your images when the original is large enough and serve them to high resolution screens.

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From the creator of Video Thumbnails.


Give your thumbnails more detail.


Retinamatic generates retina versions of all your image sizes - including thumbnails and featured images. This means that every image your visitors experience on a retina display will have more details than ever before.


Make full size images pop.


Retinamatic even works at high resolutions when your original files are large enough, so when you start uploading higher resolution images you'll really see the difference. It's also smart enough to only load high resolutions for retina devices, saving precious load time and bandwidth on non-retina devices.



Retinamatic runs on self-hosted blogs running WordPress 3.0+.

Images embedded using the default WordPress image classes such as class="alignright size-medium wp-image-27". This should already be added to your images automatically by WordPress and tells Retinamatic the image size and ID.

Images included in your theme using the_post_thumbnail() will have the necessary classes mentioned above added by Retinamatic so that they are also compatible.

The default WordPress gallery shortcode is not yet compatible, but is in the works.


Unfortunately Retinamatic can't create pixels from thin air, so be sure to upload the highest resolution images possible. We create retina sizes to complement the built-in WordPress image sizes as well as your theme's image sizes, but can only create a maximum size as large as the original upload.

Once you have installed the plugin and tested it with some new posts, you can run the separate Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to create retina versions of past images.

Sites using Retinamatic



How does it work?

Retinamatic adds additional images sizes at double resolution for each of the standard image sizes as well as your theme's image sizes. These new image sizes are created from the full resolution version when you upload an image or run a plugin like Regenerate Thumbnails. These images are then loaded only on Retina displays by using JavaScript.

Will it make my theme Retina friendly?

No, it only works with images in your media library, so if your theme is very image heavy (images that you haven't uploaded yourself) ask your theme's author to update their images with Retina versions.

Will it upscale my images?

Retinamatic can only create image sizes as large as the original file because it creates retina versions using the original. This means your thumbnails and other scaled down images will work great right away, but you should start uploading higher resolution imagery if you don't already.



This is still beta software, so be sure to backup your site before installing (backups are always a good idea!). The creator is not liable for any problems resulting from the use of Retinamatic. Support will be provided as available and only to customers with proof of purchase. Images shown on this site are for demonstration purposes only and may not be representative of individual results. High resolution imagery will only be visible on Retina devices when the full resolution is larger than the image being displayed.